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#Step_By_Step #Guide For #Buying A #Used_Car: The 25 Most Questions Answered

#Step_By_Step #Guide For #Buying A #Used_Car: The 25 Most Questions Answered

Hello All,

In this Booklet, you will find the exact steps to follow to buy a Used Car:

  • Before You Buy a Used Car
  • Pay in Full or Finance
  • Dealer Sales and the Buyers Guide
  • Warranties
  • As Is - No Dealer Warranty
  • Implied Warranties
  • Implied Warranty of Merchantability
  • Implied Warranty of Fitness for a Particular Purpose
  • Full and Limited Warranties
  • Warranty Documents
  • Unexpired Manufacturer’s Warranties
  • Service Contracts
  • An Independent Inspection Before You Buy
  • Private Sales
  • If You Have Problems
  • Sample Buyers Guide


Inside this Step-By-Step Guide you'll find the direct process to follow.

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