Knowing If Internship Is Really For You

Getting into an internship program is similar to having a job. You take this kind of programs to have more experience and exposure to your chosen field. Although some typecasts of internships involve getting coffee and accomplishing mundane tasks like photocopying and faxing, other programs are actually much more to that.

Being and intern, you can get to aid on projects, attend on planning meetings, or even help develop an advertising campaign.

Regardless of whatever you've heard about being in this position, you might be bearing in mind of applying for one. Nevertheless, you would have to know if this path is the one that you really want to take. Do you even need one? Here are some thoughts to ponder on to know if internship is really for you.

Is It A Requirement?

First off, you should know if getting an internship is a requirement or not. If your college curriculum requires you to have one for your major subjects, then obviously, you really need to get into one.

If this is the case, try to know where some of the students from the higher batch of your major have taken their internships. This can be a great help for you. Additionally, try checking with your career placement college office or academic advisor. Not only do they have connections, but they also might be able to give you hard copies of companies looking for interns or links to significant websites.

Your Field

If your field is a competitive one like entertainment or sports, then having an internship would definitely serve as your edge over the field competition. It is very hard to get into these fields, especially if you don't have any practice in the working environment itself. Sometimes, students even have two on-the-job training programs for hard to enter fields.

During your major, it is also better if you are having the most advanced classes possible. This applies both to electives or requirements. Try reading about your chosen field and searching for different ways and techniques that can help you start having connections, like joining a professional association or attending workshops and seminars.


Next, try to honestly answer what is the impression that you have about the people working at your potential internship site? Your probable co-workers ought to be supportive of your career and educational goals instead of downsizing you and only giving you menial tasks. If they seem to be talking down on you or doubting your abilities even though you are confident with your skills, you most likely don't want to be employed there.

Does It Have Sense?

You should also know what kind of work or tasks you will be doing for your potential employer. At one point or another, everyone needs to chip in on doing the not so fun tasks like making copies, sorting mail, and filing. On the other hand, you wouldnít want this to be the highlight of your whole internship experience. Even though the tasks seem easier than what is really expected of you, it is still you who loses the opportunity to practice skills that you will be using when you already have a real job.

Donít be afraid to ask about the training you would have to undergo and the kinds of projects that past interns have done. Internship programs change, but in this way you can at least have an overview and sense of the things you will be doing for the next few months.

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