Itís About Time to Take a Lake Tahoe Vacation

Tired of the usual and routine humdrum of everyday work? Itís about time to take a Lake Tahoe vacation.

Whether it be a solitary getaway, a family weekend, a coupleís retreat or a few days of sporting adventure, then Lake Tahoe has it all.

Lake Tahoe is popularly known as the perfect year round vacation and wedding destination with relatively stable weather conditions, breathtaking scenery†and a variety of environments suitable for a wide range of sporting activities.

Located between the borders of California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe boasts of over 300 days of warm sunshine, 396 inches of annual snowfall, 18 world-class ski and snowboarding resorts, incredible golf courses,† fantastic hotels, casinos and many, many more.

For a relaxing and romantic getaway, one can find many romantic destinations that boast of world-class service, elegant decors and scenery, superb cuisine and a wide array of choices to select from.
From five star to first class, standard and deluxe, even economy accommodations, a large number of hotel and motel establishments are more than willing to provide free information about Lake Tahoe and how it could be best enjoyed.

For the chivalrous, Lake Tahoe is also a romantic and serene getaway destination, to rekindle the spirit of romance.
There are several hotels, parks and resorts that provide an atmosphere of calm and peaceful respites.

For the avid and risky sports enthusiast, Lake Tahoe also offers a wide variety of venues for a broad range of events and alternative sports.
There are hundreds of hiking and mountain biking trails all around the lake, ranging in length, difficulty, and popularity.

One of these is the Granite Chief Wilderness, which provides great hiking and wilderness camping, if roughing it is your kind of vacation.
Meanwhile to the southwest is the very popular Desolation Wilderness, from where one of the most popular Tahoe trails, the Tahoe Rim Trail, is located.

The Tahoe Rim Trail is a 165 mile or 270 kilometer trail that circumnavigates the lake.

Directly to the west of the lake is the Eagle Lake Trailhead, where one could find several paved off-road bicycle paths.

To get started off with looking for the right place to stay and activity to enjoy, look up reliable and established travel and tourism guides.
You might be surprised that with a place as popular as Lake Tahoe, you could find good deals and affordable packages that would suit your budget.
There are hundreds of lodging options to choose from that include economy to moderate hotels and motels, casinos, inns, cabins, full service luxury resorts, and luxury vacation rentals.†

One could also find five star or world- class amenities and accommodations that one could choose from, with mostly almost all establishments equipped with windows, terraces or balconies facing a magnificent view of breathtaking scenery and majestic natural beauty.

All over Lake Tahoe you could also find resorts with plenty to do be it skiing adventures, golf courses, beaches, hiking & biking trails, camping, fishing and boating options and restaurants.

With all this and more, itís no wonder people from all over the world make Lake Tahoe one of the most popular year-round vacation destinations in the world today.

So now, donít you think itís about high time to take a lake tahoe vacation?

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