Military Evolution

As a civilization man has been very adaptive in the sense that we have withstood all the breathtaking blows of nature and history in order to stand our ground firmly and stay on top of the food chain. Life naturally is and has always been the survival of the fittest. The weaponry involved in military has undergone a long and tedious process of evolution. It is very fascinating how man can reach deep down within his thoughts and produce facilities that serve as his ally and protection. Letís venture through time and witness the glory of military weaponry growth and development.

Time and again it has been proven that technological breakthrough in terms of military organization and facilities dictate who comes on top. It all started with clubs and spears and the development was quite fascinating wherein maces, bow and arrows and slings were featured. Animal-drawn vehicles were formulated to aid man in his fighting quests. Donkeys and horses became famous for their aid in speed and eases of transportation. Units such as infantry, cavalry, and auxiliaries came into existence as systems of combat were formulated.

Great civilizations spiced things up by marking their own brand of troops. Romans marched in legions while Greeks took pride in their impenetrable phalanxes. Athens then called on the cavalry and raised warfare into new levels. Due to changes in military organization, the concept of combined forces came into life. The infantry, artillery, and of course the ever reliable cavalry was the buzz of society. The battle then reached the seas and naval battles came into being. Engineering and architecture took the stage and ships of all sorts and sizes navigated the seven seas for the purpose of attaining military supremacy around the globe. Battleships were equipped with devastating cannons.

The medieval period then paved the way for the birth of genuine warriors and fighters that inked their status within the books of history. Some of which that we come to know and admire are stories of knights, samurai, pikeman, cataphract, janissary, and the artillery. Simple makeshifts of bow and arrow rose into innovation as English longbows and crossbows were showcased in the battlefield.

Things started to heat up in the birth of gunpowder. Guns and cannons fired their way into sizzling combat arenas. Fire ships were then used to burn the opponent down to the ocean depths. Technology then took the lead role in this quest for supremacy when submarines conquered ocean floors. This improved the espionage aspect of war. It was not only hitting and firing that was of importance. Intelligence became a vital cog in victories. Guns were not only limited to small hand held varieties.

The longer and more devastating types were developed. Bayonets, rifles, and machine guns were then consistently used to fend off enemies in war. The battles were then taken high up in the skies. Aviation was now part of the gruelling sequences that took the globe by storm. Cruisers, aircraft carriers, and helicopters flew off the ground.

They served as means of attacking the enemy in flight and transporting military personnel as well. Sad to say due to manís unrelenting thirst for victory chemical, atomic, and nuclear warfare brought about destruction the world has never seen before.

Up to this point there is continuous weaponry evolution in the military. Letís just hope and pray that these innovations donít push man into the brink of extinction.

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