What are Retirement Communities?

Retirement community is the term used when referring to different housing programs and facilities for the retirees and seniors. These facilities and housing projects intend to house people who not longer work and are restricted from working because of their age.

The good thing with retirement communities is that there is a place where all the residing retirees get to socialize with each other. This characteristic makes it different from a retirement home. Retirement communities have common areas and social activities to enhance interpersonal relationships among the retirees.

Facilities would often times include clubhouses, swimming pools, even golf courses and amenities to cater to those whose interests lie in arts and crafts or boating. Also, retirement communities have on-site medical facilities to easily address elderly medical concerns. But these kinds of amenities, of course, are not present in all retirement communities.

There are different kinds of retirement communities. And they are the following:

Active adult communities this kind of retirement communities offer a wide range of amenities and facilities. This is because this kind of retirement community is focused on providing activities to the elderly. Activities would include games of golf and tennis, walking, biking, and swimming, there would be trips to the marina, to the ocean, mountains and some events in the country club. For those who prefer to exercise indoors, these facilities would offer an exercise room.

Adult day services this is like an adult day care. Elderly who go avail of this service are provided healthy meals, including a snack in the afternoon. They encourage and help the elderly by providing social and health related services. This kind of service operates during daytime and during weekdays.

Assisted Living retirement communities there are elderly who require assistance when performing daily tasks. This kind of retirement community ensures that the elderly would have the assistance needed and at the same time encourage them to be independent. It is not just a housing facility, it is also health care. Sometimes there are some retirees and seniors that would forget to take necessary medicine, assisted living retirement communities make sure that there are staff available to assist the elderly with scheduled and unscheduled needs.

Continuing care communities- this kind of retirement community assists the elderly during the stages of aging. There would be facilities for independent living, assisted living and until nursing care. There are retirees who think it is more comfortable staying in these communities, since they do not have to be relocated in the future or deal with other health care providers.

Independent living communities this kind of retirement community is considered to be the most versatile and has also more freedom. In independent living, they would be staying in an apartment or house within a community of seniors. Actually, seniors or those whose age is more than 55 year old, can have or can live in an independent living community.

Retirement communities are often located in areas with warm climate. For example, in the United States, most retirement communities would be in Arizona, California, Florida and Texas. There are also some retirement communities situated in small towns. Actually, living in small towns will cost less, have a slower pace and would bring the seniors closer to nature.

Retirement communities not only make things easier for our elderly. Being in retirement communities encourage the elderly to socialize and enjoy life despite their age.

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