The Different Kinds Of Rosaries

Most Christians are familiar with the traditional five-decade rosary and most of us are not fully aware that there are indeed other kinds of Christian prayer beads. There are some kinds of rosaries that Christians used in praying. Here is some description on the different kinds of rosaries.

1.) Franciscan Rosary. Otherwise known as the Franciscan Crown Rosary, this type of rosary is closely associated with the Franciscan order. This kind of rosary is also called a seven decade rosary because it consists of seven decades, unlike the traditional five decades. It also has an additional Hail Mary beads. When praying with this kind of rosary, an individual should meditate on the seven joys of Virgin Mary which includes the Annunciation, the Visitation to Elizabeth, Nativity of Jesus, Epiphany, Presentation of Jesus to the Temple, Resurrection of Jesus and the Coronation.

2.) Chaplets. The term chaplet is the French word for the rosary. This is somewhat a specialized kind of rosary to pray or offer a petition or devotion to a specific saint or angel. An example is the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy popularly associated to St. Faustina.

3.) Wedding Rosary. This is large type of rosary formed by joining two rosaries at the center. This is also called a lasso, as it encircles the bride and the groom during the wedding. This symbolizes that God joins two humans and thus sacred and cannot be separated except by death.

4.) Five Decade Rosary. This is probably the most famous kind of rosary. This consists of a cross or a cruciform and asset of five beads used in praying the Our Father, three Hail Marys, and the Glory Be. This type is also known as the Dominican Rosary due to the role of St. Dominic in promoting the rosary during his lifetime.

5.) Servite. This type of rosary is associated to the Servite Order of Mary. Instead of decades, it has seven sets of seven beads called weeks. In contrast with the Franciscan Rosary which is focused on the seven joys of Mary, the Servite is focused on the seven sorrows of Mary which are: 1. The Prophecy of Simeon (Luke 2:25-35) 2. The Flight into Egypt (Matthew 2:13-15) 3. The Child Jesus Lost in the Temple (Luke 2:41-50) 4. Mary meets Jesus Carrying the Cross (John 19:25-30) 5. Mary at the Foot of the Cross (John 19:25-30) 6. Mary receives the body of Jesus (Psalm 130) 7. Mary witnesses the burial of Jesus (Luke 23:50-56)

6.) One Decade Rosary. As its name suggests, the one decade rosary is a type of rosary which has only one decade. It was developed for easy prayer and hand carry. After the cruciform, it has five beads. It resembles the prayer ropes used by Orthodox Christians during the early church formation. Specific types of one decade rosaries are:

a.) Rosary Ring. This type of rosary can be worn on fingers and designed for immediate prayer using the rosary. It has a small crucifix and ten little bumps or beads.

b.) Rosary bracelet. Although you can wear this rosary on the wrist, this is not for ornament purposes. During the medieval times, people have worn rosaries in their waist for immediate access whenever they want to pray. Today, it is quite impractical so most people developed the rosary bracelet.

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