How Water to Gas Works

Practically everyone is looking for a way to save money on gas and new gas saving devices like water for gas gadgets are making people realize that concept, but how does water for gas work?

One that has been proven effective to make people save money on gas is a water powered car and it has proven to be effective at increasing your gas mileage.

Sounds preposterous, but this is actually a car that runs on water as well as fuel and surprisingly enough, it can be any gas-fuelled car.

Any vehicle can be converted into a water powered car to save money on gas, improve your engine life, and even benefit the environment.

Here’s how a water powered car works.
First thing you should know is that your car will not run on water alone, make no mistake.

It will use a combination of water and gasoline to power the car. Although you still need to fill up your car, it will happen less often.

The way you use water to increase your fuel economy and reduce fuel consumption is fairly simple.

A water to gas device is installed on your vehicle that breaks water down into its original elements, hydrogen and oxygen.

The device then feeds these elements into the engine with gasoline and creates an effective mixture that increases gas mileage by up to 70%.

This mixture is called HHO (oxyhydrogen) or Brown’s gas and helps maximize fuel combustion, reducing harmful unburned fuel and carbon exhausts.

To make this water to gas process work on your car, you will have an option of buying a pre-made conversion kit and have it professionally installed or learn how to build and install one yourself.

While it may seem like a complicated system, it’s really a simple task to accomplish – not rocket science for first-timers.

Armed with some basic knowledge of cars, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to do it yourself and you could be on your way to saving those dollars on saving gas. You’ll also save a lot of money by doing it yourself and not have to pay for professional service.

Many pre made water to gas conversion kits can be pretty expensive, so is having them installed.

You can buy all of the tools and supplies you need to do it on your own for around $100-$200, depending on the tools and the quality of materials you hope to use. In the long run, this is but a fraction of what you would pay for a commercial system and the money you save on fuel will make up for your expenses in less than a month.
There are a lot of online guides on the Internet and these guides will show you step by step processes on how to build the system.

It will provide you a list of supplies you need and surprisingly, can be easily found at your local hardware store.

These kits can be installed on any vehicle, require very minimal space around 4 inches by 10 inches of free space.

One thing to consider though, is to install it in an easily accessible area where it could be easily accessed for inspection and maintenance.
The concept of a water powered car is more of a reality than many people think and actually, the systems are not complicated and very easy to install.

With just a little money and time, you can run your car on water and save a ton of money on fuel costs, all you need to know is how water to gas works.

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